[Tip] Control your PC with your smartphone (Android and Windows Phone)

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Control your PC with your smartphone

I already told you about an application to control VLC remotely with your Android smartphone.
Today, it is your computer I suggest you can control with your smartphone.

First, on your PC, go to the address http://www.unifiedremote.com/download/ and download Unified Remote Server. Once downloaded, install it and start it.

Unified Remote server

Now, download the application on your smartphone directly from your smartphone ...

unified Remote

Or ... from your PC.

for Android
Note: iOS version is being encoded.

Start the WiFi on your smartphone and launch the application.

unified Remote

Then you have to add the server:

Press the icon titled "Servers"

unified Remote
 Make "Add", then "Automatic"

unified Remote

Normally, if you have started the server on your computer, it should appear in the list of available servers.

unified Remote
Press it, you will be returned to the previous screen, press again on the server name to select it.
You will then be brought to the next screen, select "Remotes".

unified Remote

You are now on this screen:
unified Remote
From it you can choose what you want to do.
Among other things:
Use your phone as a mouse

unified Remote
As keyboard
unified Remote
Remote control for VLC and Youtube (and a few other sites streaming):
unified Remote      unified Remote
As task manager with which you can stop the applications running on the computer without the real task manager appears, very convenient for jokes:
unified Remote
You can also start opening any file on your computer.
For you to have fun!

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