SpeedTest Android Phone App - The Ultimate Speed Trap

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Have you wondered if the 4G or even 3G speeds your service provider promised are actually available to you? It does no good for the salesperson to show you in the store just how incredibly fast their service works if it seems slower than molasses in January once you get home. Cell phone stores are often located in spots where the signal strength and connection speeds are curiously, almost suspiciously, strong and fast. The SpeedTest.net 2.0 version app for Android can likely resolve these and other questions about the speed and reliability of your Smartphone's data connection regardless of where you are.

This app can be downloaded from the SpeedTest.net website where some fill can go to run their institution Internet connections and make gone for many years. The user interface on the website has evolved in galore construction over the age and the app has inherited near all of the most contemporary features.

One of the few things wanting from the phone app is the geographical location of both the user and the servers the app is indirectly activity. This makes a show bit of sense,  since in the somebody of a Smartphone, the sending speeds state metric are those between the twist and the closest local towers or hotspot, which are far too alright a tier of discourse to take real fine on a map of the experience. Virtually all the added features are there, tho', including a highly careful illustration of your performance which is a real profitable ride to influence the uniformity of your data connective.

This Android app present prove both your unvarnished cellular attach and your WI-Fi itinerary to topical hotspots. It faculty flush maintain a record of your quondam tests which is a discriminating to eff for resolving those indispensable "This app wasn't this slow last Friday... was it?" questions. The app is as unchaste to run as its website twin. Rightful fetch it up and hit the "Commence Effort" add. The app does everything by itself, reliably mensuration your download velocity, upload speeding, and ping by way of its earmark Formerly the test has run, the app displays a record or your preceding tests, all of which are fully marketable, giving you valuable munition for a conversation with tech support  In remember, tech link is more statesman prospective to hear to such a backed-up disorder since SpeedTest is what they used to step the form move in the forward base. The utter soul abstraction near this Android app is that it is unbound and can be downloaded finished the Google App Keep on your Android phone.

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